Friday, March 23, 2012

The Champion In All Of Us - Now available to purchase

The book has been out nearly two weeks now - thanks to everyone who has bought a copy, offered words of support or has helped me spread the word on the various social media. It’s been an exciting couple of weeks, with lots going on with the book, and more besides. Things are hotting up with the Games approaching fast, so it’s busy times. I can now also announce that I will be carrying the Olympic Torch on 19th July - what a great honour; It will be fantastic to be part of the torch relay!

So - book launch happened, and I marked the day with a public book signing at Waterstones Leadenhall Market inThe City. Posted some of the photos on facebook:

Whilst there, journalist Stuart Appleby dropped by for a chat. Here’s the interview:
As did Delores, an amateur radio enthusiast. Doing a great job Delores!

Enjoyed a couple of celebratory drinks afterwards at Old Tom’s Bar next door - worth checking out if you find yourself in the area.

Finished the week with a live chat on twitter, with another on Facebook imminent. It’s great to chat to everyone, so thank you all those who took part.

I had fun getting this selection of video clips together. …. the idea is to really bring the 12 Rules to life - a kind of supporting video for the book. What do you think?

After watching it, have a go at the 12 Rules Assessment I created. Anyone can access it here: - You’ll be able to compare your interpretation with 3 Olympians once you’ve completed it and it only takes a minute or two. It’s already interesting to see the results we’ve received so far.

‘The Champion In All Of Us’ is available on Amazon, Waterstones and the usual outlets. If you’d like a signed copy though, purchase it via my website before the end of March 2012.

Steve’s Latest Book…

Steve's Latest Book, Release Date: 6th March 2012 "The Champion In All of Us"

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