Sunday, December 30, 2012

The 5 Rule Diet Plan for 2013

Get rid of the Christmas excess - in just one month.

For those who tried this last year, you’ll know that it is the perfect way to kick start your year. I’ve found it’s the most simple, effective and satisfying way to sharpen up.

With the ‘extra’ maybe pushing against the inside of your jeans, or simply using the new year to start something fresh, why not get yourself back on track with a quick hit, detox and shrink all in one go? There’s lots of advice on this all over the Internet trying to sell you products and quick fix solutions. Well, here’s one that works and it’s absolutely free…

If you are anything like me and like to live your life by rules, then this will work really well for you.
I believe that rules become habits and habits dictate how we all live our lives.
I challenge you to take on this straight-forward plan, see quick results and, in turn, create some new habits that you might just choose to enjoy for a lifetime.

All I’m suggesting in this short blog is to introduce 5 key rules for just 30 days and I promise you, you will be pleased with the outcome.

1. RULE 1 - Cut the carbohydrates - this is the most important rule and will feel tough for a few days but is crucial to the plan. In simple terms, I’m asking you to replace your cereals or toast for breakfast with an omelette or oily fish. Remove bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, cake and biscuits and other high carb foods from your diet. Enjoy full English breakfasts, chicken salads and other protein rich plates. The fewer carbs you eat in these 30 days, the more effective this will be. Remember, remove carb-rich drinks too! There are lots of low-carb recipes on the Internet if you are short of ideas.
2. RULE 2 - Don’t eat after 6pm - once you see food purely as an energy source, you’ll appreciate that food late on in the day is not really offering you much, remove it as a rule. (happy to shift this time depending on lifestyle)
3. RULE 3 - Drink lots! of water - This is important to tie in with the first rule. Keep the fluids going in regularly.
4. RULE 4 - Exercise gently and regularly - don’t go for the intense stuff while you are doing this short spell of low carb as you may feel lethargic. Despite your body telling you it’s not interested, push through it and remind yourself that you are creating a new metabolism for yourself.
5. RULE 5 - Choose to enjoy it - I know this might seem like unusual advice, but I believe it’s important to your on-going success. If you decide to see this as a positive lifestyle choice and that you are taking control of your future, then surely it’s something to smile and be happy about. If you choose to focus on what your previous habit is telling you to do, you are likely to begrudge the whole thing; your choice, be strong! Weigh and measure yourself at the start of the month to remind yourself of the impact you are having and celebrate with a small reward - Low carb style!

Let me know if you are prepared to take on the 5 rule plan and keep me updated on your progress.

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