Monday, February 6, 2012

Sneak preview #2 - The Champion In All Of Us

A step by step guide presenting a new framework for coaches and performers.

Following on from the previous blog, I offer a preview of the 2nd chapter which introduces Coach’s 2nd Rule for success.
Remember the first rule about working hard, well this one’s just as important. And it is…
“Champions have great awareness”

This is one insight that guarantees continual growth. In the book Coach encourages his athletes to look in depth at their own strengths and weaknesses and to consider every option available to them. It is a chapter about change, about trying new ways, getting rid of bad habits and creating new and more effective ones.

So, with all this in mind…What is the one thing that you have ignored that would make the biggest difference in your world?

I believe we all have something glaringly obvious to others that we should be sorting but that we have found a way to ignore.
The truth is, few rarely explore every option. It’s also true to say that many of us at different times have something that we are just ignoring that we know we should do something about.

This rule in the book, and the chapter that introduces it, encourages awareness and is really about understanding consequence of either taking or not taking action. Coach helps his athletes understand that every decision that they make will have a consequence in how they improve. Coach cleverly shows them that making assumptions based on previous experiences can be limiting to future growth and that we all make decisions whilst ignoring things that are right under our noses.
It might be something so obvious to others too.
As coach would say - See it and do something about it.

The ‘Champion in All of Us’ is a self-help book written to inspire anyone to use the performance habits of successful Olympians…
One undeniable truth is that if any Olympian doesn’t pursue all options, then they will be found out in the fiercest competition arena of them all.
So, chapter 2 in the book of the 12 rules for success is around having greater awareness, exploring what is possible and accepting that there may just be some other options which might just serve us better.

  1. Jen

    Wednesday, February 8, 2012 - 10:34:18

    Great insight, thanks and all the best with your book. Looking forward to reading more.

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