Friday, March 9, 2012

Sneak Preview #3 - The Champion In All Of Us

The third chapter of the book introduces Coach’s third rule and, as he has done in each of the previous chapters, he takes his pupils through an experience so that they can really appreciate this new rule and gain that all important ownership of its basis.
The 3rd Rule is this: ‘Champions give their dream a higher purpose’

To introduce this rule, here’s an example of Coach’s dialogue from the book…

Coach brings his athletes together and starts this dialogue…
“Life will throw many opportunities at you and you’ll need to retain a passion for what it is you really, really want.

One of the biggest challenges you will face is ‘choice and distraction’. Many athletes don’t get to where they want to, because they lose their way, due to ‘alternatives’ - things that may that ‘distract’ them along the way. Athletes who are able to stay completely focused in pursuit of their dreams are the ones that are most likely to become Champions.”


In a world where choice is abundant and distraction is inevitable, Rule 3 shows us all the importance of going after what we really want, and then to stay focused on that goal until we get there.

For many, who have not bought into this rule, achieving their goals seems a constant battle. Those who make decisions based on the dream will continue to move towards it.
The ‘Coach’ in the book struggles a little with the different characters he is helping and their ability (or inability) to keep their eye on the prize.

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