Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An introduction to my new book - from March 6th 2012

‘A clever concept capturing 12 vitally important rules for success’
Charles van Commenée
Head Coach - UK athletics

The Champion in All of Us is a self help book not only for sports people and determined business people, but for anyone who wishes to improve their performance in any walk of life. It is an easy to read story of 4 different characters who meet someone who helps them to perform more effectively; his name is Coach.

This blog will form the basis of a sneak preview into what I hope is a book which will be of great help to two groups of people.

Firstly, if you are striving to perform at your very best in whatever industry - please read the book! I believe it is an honest and practical self help guide that will give you a model for a greater performance in your world - whatever that may be.

Secondly, if performance for you comes from the improvement of others, then the relationship between Coach and the 4 athletes in the book will provide inspiration into the complex art of coaching effectively. It covers the most important aspects of all of our typical development journeys and does this in a practical way which I hope can assist you as a coach and influencer of others.

That’s the basis of the book which is set out in 12 chapters, each one revealing one of the 12 rules for success through the tutelage of Coach in his effective style of offering experiences which initiates the development process.

I’ll follow up this intro blog with separate introductions to each chapter. So stay tuned!

Steve’s Latest Book…

Steve's Latest Book, Release Date: 6th March 2012 "The Champion In All of Us"

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